How many Bitcoins ATMs are there in the world? Does the United States lead?

ATMs, or Bitcoin ATMs, have rapidly expanded around the world. In the last two years it has increased by 150% according to data provided by AksjeBloggen.

How can I find a Bitcoin ATM near me?

Bitcoin ATMs conquer the world
The Bitcoin industry is still relatively young. In early 2016, we could only find 500 ATMs around the world.

However, in the blink of an eye, in January 2017 the number of Bitcoins ATMs worldwide reached 964; representing a 90% increase.

Since that time, the number of Bitcoin ATMs has only increased. Between 2017 and 2018, 1,099 Bitcoins ATMs were installed, reaching a total of 2,063 worldwide in January 2018.

So the upward trend continued to lead to 4,102 ATMs in January 2019, an increase of almost 100% in one year.

In this sense, we started the year 2020 with 6,352 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide, however, in recent months we have witnessed an unprecedented increase.

That’s right, in just the first six months of this year, 1,713 Bitcoin ATMs were installed around the world. And, even more surprising, the vast majority were installed in North America!

So, since the installation of the first Bitcoin ATM in 2013, more than 8,000 machines have been installed in over 75 countries.

Obviously, when we look at such growth, we could conclude that it is a sign of healthy growth in the Bitcoin industry and cryptomontages in general.

The United States, conquered by BTC?

As we mentioned earlier, if we classify Bitcoin ATMs by geography, the United States is the leader in the region with an 83.1% market share as of June, according to AksjeBloggen.

While Europe ranked as the second leading region worldwide with 1,147 Bitcoin Trader ATMs, a 14.2% share of the total number. And, somewhat surprisingly, Asia ranked third with 123 ATMs and a 1.5% market share.

Regarding the manufacturer behind the Bitcoin ATMs, Genesis Coin is the market leader with a 34.2% market share. Meanwhile, General Bytes, as reported, continues with a 30.9% market share and 2,489 ATMs operating worldwide.

It is worth mentioning that the main manufacturers are General Bytes, Genesis Coin, Lamassu, Covault, Bitaccess, Coinme, Coinsource, Bitxatm, Orderbob and RUSbit.

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