The start date is getting closer: will ETH 2.0 come on time with staking?

The trials in the ETH 2.0 Medalla test network have stalled in the last few weeks due to the inactivity of the validators – but things now seem to be turning for the better as the start date for the main network is getting closer.

The Medalla test network for Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 has been offline for several weeks due to insufficient validator participation. In order to function, the network requires a 66% participation of validators, who each stake 32 simulated ETHs.

In October, less than 50% of the participants were present on for most of the time, as the testers got tired in anticipation of the reality.

Blockchain company Bitfly recently released an update on cleaning up and replacing inactive validators.

Medalla continues

At the time of writing, there were 3,892 validators in the exit line, according to These inactive validators are ejected from the pool so that the remaining validators can continue testing.

The number of GöETH struck is currently around 1.7 million, and the average balance has now fallen below the 32 required for validation. Once the inactive validators have been removed from the system, the average should return to the target value.

ConsenSys developer Ben Edgington posted another update commenting on the lack of involvement with Medalla:

“There was a big drop in participation when the Zinken Network was launched (which was meant to be short lived) and many have not returned. That is the problem with unincentivated test networks: It doesn’t cost anything to give up. “

He added that the long period without finality was useful to uncover customer weaknesses in terms of memory and CPU usage. The customer teams have been able to use this data to improve their software, but there is still a diversification problem as the Prysm client dominates.

According to the developer, it is unlikely that there will be long periods of non-finality on the mainnet as there is too much at stake with validators that use real ETH:

„Medalla is highly unrealistic at the moment, and it is unproductive to invest too much effort in optimizing it for the current state.“

Edgington admits that he may have been a little premature in predicting the launch of the Ethereum Depot Contract. Co-developer Danny Ryan initially wanted to check blst (pronounced “blast”), the performance and security-oriented signature library.

The results are expected this week: „And then we can pull the trigger on everything“.

At the time of writing, Ethereum prices had recaptured $ 400, overshadowing Bitcoin’s positive performance. Further profits are expected when these key milestones are announced and implemented again.