Youtuber Brazilian gets ‚rich‘ mining Bitcoin in game

Youtuber „Godenot“, with 3.7 million followers, mined Bitcoins to „get rich“ inside the game Streamer Life Simulator.

The Brazilian streamer known as Alan „Godenot“, which has 3.7 million subscribers on YouTube, published a video at the end of last month showing how he would have gotten „rich“ mining Bitcoin inside the game Streamer Life Simulator, available on the Steam platform.

In the video, over 22 minutes long, Alan shows his performance inside Streamer Life Simulator, a real life simulator in the style of games like The Sims and Second Life, but for the more adult audience.

In the game, which has malicious content, the user needs to perform from basic tasks like sleeping, eating and decorating his house, to becoming the „world’s most popular streamer“ playing native versions of well-known games – the central goal of the storyline.

Bitcoin Virtual Mining

Within the platform, one of the goals is to play versions of games like Counter Strike and The Witcher to win followers and money. In addition, there are a number of „pirate“ apps that can be accessed, like Steam and Spotify itself.

In „virtual“ life, the user can also access a version of the deep web to trade illegal goods and can still meet a „dealer“ of Bitcoin miners to purchase equipment.

In the published video, Godenot buys over 15 mining equipment and installs it inside one of his houses, earning dollars from them. With this, according to Youtuber, he hopes to become less dependent on in-game broadcasts to earn money:

„I will fill my house with the mining companies. We are rich at last. It’s a lot of money. Now I can buy a lot of mining companies and live off it. I don’t have to worry every day about doing live. I can do the lives, but I can also concentrate on other things […]. Today is the beginning of my wealth“.

Once the Bitcoins have been mined, he can also sell the cryptomeda within the game. At the end of the video, the streamer says he expects cryptomoeda to reach $10,000 – in-game – to sell the mined Bitcoins and finally conquer the promised wealth.